FoxMail Set-Up

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FoxMail SetUp

Add e-mail account
The Template Manager

Add e-mail account

Before you can get started you will need to add your own email account.

Click on Mailbox at the top.
Choose New Account from the drop down menu

The new account wizard opens. It will be in English :)
Enter your account information in the top fields and it will auto fill in the lower spaces.
I delete the senders name it enters (my email ID name) and replace it with my own, as this is what your recepients will see,and they tend to think of me as Jane, not my email ID

Leave email path as default and click Next
Your email account may be IMAP or POP3, so alter to fit. This information is available from your email account provider. The GMAIL account I am installing here uses a POP3 server so this needs to be changed, then click Next

Use the Test Account button to make sure your email settings have been entered correctly, and if so, click Finish.

You will be able to delete the fake account you created during setup now. Highlight the old account and then click on Mailbox and choose Delete