Fox Mail Free E-mail Client Software

Foxmail is a free email client owned by Tencent who acquired it in 2005 from the original author, Zhang Xiaolong that I tested against Windows Live, Thunderbird, Dream Mail, and Wikmail when I became disenchanted with Incredimail and was looking for a new client.

I downloaded and installed all these programs and ran them for a few days to check out their features. Not one, I'm sorry to say, will take your yahoo accounts, though a couple (including FoxMail) will take you directly to your Yahoo inbox from within the program. Incredimail appears to have an arrangement with Yahoo, but unfortunately none of the others have, and unless you want to pay Yahoo $20 a year to upgrade to the Yahoo Mail Pro, Incredimail is the only email client I'm aware of that will fetch yahoo mail from the server to your computer.

I run mostly gmail and private server email accounts, so it wasn't too much of a hardship to close my yahoo accounts.

Windows Live is a very smooth looking and pretty but top heavy and slow client that insists on running through a set number of "tasks" when asked to do anything, and deleting an email is an irritatingly time consuming process.

Thunderbird (from the developers of Firefox browser) kept freezing at odd intervals, though it's a nice looking program and much faster than Windows Live

Dream Mail was a definate contender, and has the ability for you to change the skin to suit the user, but after running it against FoxMail for a few days I found FoxMail the easiest, fastest, prettiest and basically the most fun client to use. My only gripe is no shared email in-box, to check all accounts in one hit, but hopefully in a future upgrade that will be added.

The hardest part of FoxMail is the initial install. Everything is in Chinese. If you're used to installing programs it is basically the same as any other program install, with "Yes I agree" and "Next" buttons, but because it's in Chinese it's a bit strange and scary. If you don't have a Chinese friend to check the Install for you, you will have to trust that 35 million Chinese can't be wrong and trust the program.

I found an older version where somebody had actually translated the whole install program, it's available to download below, but I highly recommend installing the latest program, even though it's a bit tricker and I've made a step-by-step guide to help you on the next couple of pages

You can download a copy of Foxmail 6.5 from my server     Download Foxmail 6.5

or from Softpedia

Or you can download Foxmail English (untested and an older version )
Download Foxmail 5 English
In which case you can skip the install instructions and go straight to the fun stuff here

Otherwise, please click on the silver arrow for a guide on how to install Foxmail using the Chinese language installer